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Rio De Janeiro, br
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I'm a musician girl; I love arts, and all the things related with the culture. I'm cellist in the little orchestra from the First Baptist Church of Niterói (Brazil)and was archivist of this orchestra by 3 years. I studyied piano at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music, and I also can play violin, flute, handbells and soprano and alto recorders. I participated of the recording of the Veredas Choir cd in 2000 and in 2006 of the cd from Theological Baptist Seminary of Niterói Choir. I'm member of the Handbells Group of the First Baptist Church of Niterói, singer of the Madrigal in this same church, solist, teacher of recorder and flute, and musical theory for beginners. I sing in choirs since my 4 years old in the Children's Choir of the First Baptist Church of Niterói. And was solist in many musical presentations of the Young Choir of the First Baptist Church of Niterói. The music was every present in my life, and in all I do the music is there. If I Could Make My Heart Fly If I could make my heart fly... Could be near of you, my love, And whisper to your heart All the happiness that I have to give you. If I could make my heart fly... The anxiety would pass so far from me... And I could be in your arms... And could leave pour out all the love inside me... Aw! If I could make my heart fly... Never! Never would be necessaries words like those... Because just to look in your eyes would be suficient To say how much I love you. Dream of my Heart, Loved of my Soul... If I could make my heart fly... I would be near of you forever... So the life would be an eternal song... A beautiful song to my love. Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros. Niterói, February, 9th - 2008

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The Color of Soul

The blank sheet begins to created life
When color characterless mix in a joke without end.
My own heart is the metronome of my melody;
The music is the life of art that springs on me.

My Heart is a world without size,
Where there are mountains, valleys, seas and a garden.
There are castles, forests, streams and sources
What paint landscapes in the art that springs on me.

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